Road to the TOP EP

Sam Ross

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Back in 2015 I originally wanted to have this be my debut album. But as time has went on, I've gradually been finding my own voice as a composer. I want to record sometime again in the future and make sure the work represents who I've become as a writer. However, there is a whole lotta fantastic material here from some super talented people, so I didn't want that go to waste. I am sure this is not technically an EP, but I am releasing it as such.

This album more reflects who I was around the end of high school. It features many of the musicians who helped to form me as a composer and musician.

Recorded on August 24th, 2015 at The Woodshed in Hawaiian Gardens, CA.

Session engineered by Gabe De La Parra.

Mixed and mastered by Mike Makowski (1-5), Tom Hughes (6)

Album art by Abby Clemens.

"Born Into This" lyrics by Jordan Brown, AKA Apollo Stripes.

All music composed and arranged by Sam Ross

Thanks to everyone who made this come to life.


Bryan Baker: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute (1-4, 6) Brandon Baker: tenor saxophone (1, 2) Will Stevens: tenor saxophone (3, 6) Will Brahm: electric guitar (1-3, 6) Sam Ross: piano, synthesizer Kyle Schafer: keyboard (4) Jay Hemphill: electric bass (1) Marc Encabo: electric bass (2, 4) Cole Brossus: electric bass (3, 5, 6) Brian Gazo: drums (1, 5) Robert Mantz: drums (2, 4) Tom Hughes: drums (3,6) Apollo Stripes: rap (5) Kathleen Van Ruiten: soprano vox (5) Natalie Mendoza: alto vox (5) Greg Fletcher: tenor vox (5) Chris Stevens: vibraphone (6)

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  2. 2
    Sould 10:53
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  4. 4
  5. 5
    Journey 10:47
  6. 6