The Old Days Sheet Music

Approximate Length: 3-4 minutes depending on how many solo choruses taken 
Difficulty: Intermediate. Though there is nothing technically challenging, navigating the chord changes will require adept harmonic prowess.
Additional Information: This is one of my only tunes that is written like a true lead sheet- as in it's just the melody and chords. If you've heard my music or checked out some of the other sheet music for sale, you'll know I usually write a shout chorus, bridge after the solos, intro, outro etc... none of that is here. 
Thus, it is very open to your interpretation. I usually will play the head 2x in and out. On the final head out, I'll vamp the last 4 bars a couple times before slowing and ending on the last measure of the chart. But feel free to come up with your own intro, outro, ending, etc!